Vanuatu – New Polymer Banknotes

The Reserve Bank of Vanuatu introduced three new notes on polymer substrate to increase longevity and reduce counterfeiting. The notes denominated in 200, 1000, and 2000 Vatu.

v0200a v0200b v1000a v1000b v2000a v2000b

Scotland – New 5 Pounds Polymer Banknote

Clydesdale Bank will issue in March 2015 a polymer banknote to honor the 125th Anniversary of the opening of the Forth Bridge and Sir William Arrol. It will be the first polymer note for Scotland. These are the first polymer notes issued in the British Isles since 1999 when the Northern Bank issued the first ones to commemorate the Millenium. 

The Clydesdale Bank's plastic £5 note, due out next year

Argentina – New 50 Pesos Banknote

A new 50 pesos banknote with Islas Malvinas motifs is estimated to be ready for circulation by the end of the year.

ars_50-f-w ars_50-r-w